Today is, Sunday 21st April 2019

Environmental Schemes

Environmental Stewardship Schemes are increasingly being used by farmers to provide a boost to farm incomes, and in some cases this can be done without detriment to the farming activities.

Entry Level Stewardship (ELS)

Entry Level Stewardship has the lowest entry requirement of the three schemes and can often be achieved with few, if any changes to the farming activities.

There are many management options available as part of the scheme and Graham Watkins and Co can assist in making the right choices to complement your specific farm.

Upland ELS and Organic ELS

These are similar to ELS, but include conditional options specific to upland farms or organic farms with more funding available.

Higher Level Stewardship

Higher level Stewardship is available for farmers who are prepared to undertake more significant environmental management of their land. Again there are many options available and Graham Watkins and Co can assist with integrating this into your farm.